NEWS RELEASE:  After two months of planning, I made it official yesterday that I am resigning as Mayor. It’s an economic and spiritual decision that was made in early September and timed to coincide with the anniversary of the Gettysburg Address: I can no longer afford to spend 20-30 hours per week for a stipend of $6000 per year...and want to dedicate my personal time to spreading Love for God and Country.  

My Top 10 Lessons in Politics made my decision easier to leave politics (see below). But I will miss being Mayor and serving the community for 5 1/2 years and am forever grateful for the friendships that have developed. Burr Ridge is truly a “very special place stamped by a Cross formed by County Line Road and I-55, and it was also a blessing to help get the bridge the center of the Cross.  

May God bless you always, Mickey
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