FRIDAY WRAP for November 2, 2018

Hello…and welcome to the Friday Wrap for November 2nd, 2018

Cooper’s Hawk Celebrates 11th Anniversary!! 
When I heard that Cooper’s Hawk just celebrated their 11th year in Burr Ridge…I just had to film this week’s Friday Wrap from here!! This was only their 2nd restaurant and they just opened one in New Lenox and about to open their 34th location near Cleveland, Ohio!!!  WOW… CONGRATULATIONS to them!  We are glad to be part of their success story!  (Click link or the picture below to watch: )

Veterans Committee Meets; Plans Brief Ceremony on 11/11/18: It was a full-house at our meeting this week as we discussed financials as well as the 3M’s: Maintenance, Marketing and Membership.  We also talked about what it would take to get a wayward sign on I-55 that we have a VETERANS MEMORIAL at our exit?  I promised to try even harder to find out what it takes…and would appreciate any suggestions or contacts from IDOT or from residents? We also decided to have a brief ceremony on Veterans Day (Nov 11th) at 12:00 Noon. 
Also…Nick Just Promoted to Village Arborist: The Committee was introduced to the young man who will play a large role in keeping the Memorial in pristine condition.  Nick Just was recently selected to replace Gary Gatlin as the new Village Arborist!  Congrats, Nick!!
In other Village News…I met this week with the management team of the Illinois Tollway Authority in Downers Grove to discuss their use of the Burr Ridge property adjacent to the exit to I-55 (that they acquired in 2017) for construction staging for I-294 and any possible use in the future for truck parking.  I also have a new addition in the Mayor’s office: a LINCOLN Statue, after Susan Sta Cruz (formerly of Crowne Plaza) who sent me a picture of it from Washington DC and I asked her to pick me one up.    
More EPA Meetings Attended by Village: This week, I attended several more EPA meetings, including another one to hear their Monitoring Plan and to plan their Community Meeting planned for the end of November.  Plans continue and we will keep you informed.  For more up-to-date information, please visit
D86’s School Referendum = $166 Million:
It’s no secret that I going to VOTE NO on District 86’s $166M Referendum (& TAX INCREASE) having signs in front of my home, business and property.  But apparently, some proponents took issue that a public official would make their opinion known…and have spread more lies on Facebook and sent me scathing emails.  For your information, according to the attorney, the legal codes these people refer to do not apply to the mayor position who only receives a “stipend” and is not defined as an employee in the State Ethics Act.   Besides, I feel obligated to do what “I think is best for the Village.”  I would hope that is part of my job description. 
I think we should VOTE NO for a plethora of reasons, but top among them is that on 15% is actually to go toward educational improvements.  To demonstrate what 15% looks like...see my Pizza Pic!!! 
On a Personal Note . . . 
Last weekend, I went to Dallas, Texas where I was reminded of those great Texas Stars they put on all highway bridges…which I have been suggesting to politicians and IDOT officials for years that we should something similar in Illinois.     had a chance to meet the owners of HOBBY LOBBY, Stave and Jackie Green, who were inducted into the ROARING LAMBS Hall of Fame for promoting their faith in the workplace.  Dave Terre, is a city councilman in Texas and the retired VP of Wilson Sporting Goods also received the award; we had a long talk about both topics. 
It was quite a spiritual couple of weeks, having also attended the annual dinner for Catholic Citizens of Illinois where I had a chance to meet Bishop Patrocki from the Diocese of Springfield. 

Have a blessed week,

 Mayor Mickey

Mayor Mickey Straub

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