FRIDAY WRAP for November 9th, 2018

Hello…and welcome to the Friday Wrap for November 9th, 2018

Brief VETERANS DAY Ceremony on Sunday @ 12 NOON!
To honor our Veterans, the Veterans Committee will host a brief (10 minute) ceremony at our beautiful Veterans Memorial on VETERANS DAY (Sunday, Nov 11th) at 12:00 Noon!!! It will be followed by a casual lunch of sandwiches and Pizza at the Burr Ridge Police Department. Come one, come all, ALL ARE WELCOME!  Freedom may not be Free…but the lunch is!  (Compliments of Great American Bagel and Capri Express.)
District 86’s $166 MILLION School Referendum FAILS Again:
According to the election judges, there was a record Voter Turnout this year at the polls.  With a Blue Wave taking place, the stars were aligned for the Union-backed D86 Referendum, but it failed once again.  The final count was: YES = 14,731 and NO = 17,461
According to a post by someone up north:

  • Only 35% of Hinsdale South voted YES
  • More surprising, it only passed by 544 Votes in Central voting
  • Referendum failed in 15 of 50 Central precincts
  • Referendum failed in 34 of 38 South precincts

 And the number that I pay the most attention to: 76% of Burr Ridge Residents voted NO!   I have taken a lot of flak for opposing the Referendum, but so did 76% of our residents.  I am only doing what “I think is best for the Village” which I hope that is part of my job description. 
More EPA Teleconference Attended by Village: There was another EPA teleconference coordinated from their national headquarters this week to finalize the Willowbrook Community Meeting planned for November 29th.  Plans continue and we will keep you informed.  For more up-to-date information on the ongoing Sterigenics saga, please visit
Pete’s Fresh Market Opens in Willowbrook:
Well…it’s FINALLY OPEN!  After years of starts and stops and hassles with the village, county and state, it opened to great fanfare!  This was of special interest to me/us, not just because the place is modern and huge, but because the owners live in Burr Ridge!! 
Village About to Choose New Marketing Company:
For years, we have had the same marketing company to promote Burr Ridge hotels, motels and restaurants with flat results, the Board decided to ask staff to search for other potential companies with new ideas.  Thanks to special efforts by Assistant to the Village Administrator Evan Walter, we had proposals from a half dozen, but narrowed it down to two of the best.  On Wednesday evening, we met at the Police Department and heard from two Chicago based companies, Marketing Partnerships International and Kivvit.  The Economic Development Committee will not make their recommendation to the Village Board of Trustees. 
On a Personal Note . . . 
For the first time ever, I had visitors in Burr Ridge from my alma mater, Indiana University of Pennsylvania!!  That was cool, but what was even more amazing was going to an alumnus gathering in Naperville and meeting Louis Najjar (from Glenview) who I went to school with for two overlapping years and he has a brother-in-law (Tony Fakhouri) who lives in Burr Ridge!  As if that wasn’t enough, it turns out we also had the same roommate (Joe Chan of Hong Kong) for a couple of years…but we never met back in college!   
And lastly, thanks to help from a Burr Ridge trucking company, I was able to coordinate a shipment for my company all the way from North Carolina in a couple of days!  Wow…that’s service!  Also, thought I’d include a picture of a great quote seen on a sweatshirt at Kelley Cawley in the Village Center: BELIEVE IN MIRACLES.

Have a blessed Veterans Day,

 Mayor Mickey

Mayor Mickey Straub

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