FRIDAY WRAP for October 12th, 2018

Hello…and welcome to the Friday Wrap for October 12, 2018!  It’s not my first choice to finish summarizing the week’s events on a Saturday, but sometimes it is necessary to get you the most accurate and up-to-date wrap up. 

Regular Meeting of the Mayor and Board of Trustees:
The Village Board Meeting was held on Monday with most items on the Consent Agenda.  The first ordinances discussed was to allow parking along McClintock to help alleviate some of the parking issues by the PACE Bus parking lot’ it was followed by adding the Prohibition of E-Cigarettes and Vaping in public places to our Municipal Code.  Also discussed at length was the unanimous recommendation by the Plan Commission to allow a horse barn to be added on property recently annexed to the village; after considerable discussion and hearing about the massive clean-up of the property that has already occurred, the Board approved it unanimously. 
About a dozen residents also attended to express their concern and get an update from the Village on the Sterigenics issue in nearby Willowbrook. Here is this week’s progress:

  • On this Board Meeting, the Village of Burr Ridge Board of Trustees approved a contract with GHD Services for ambient air testing in Burr Ridge with spending authority of up to 20 testing sites and a value not to exceed $80,000. Staff has contacted GHD to schedule a testing plan as well as a timeline for completing testing and analysis, which will be in collaboration with ones done by the Village of Willowbrook and the U.S. EPA so as to avoid redundancy. 
  • On October 12, the EPA invited mayors and staff of Willowbrook, Burr Ridge, and Darien to participate in a conference call on Thursday, October 18 with the goal of scheduling and planning a second community meeting sometime in mid-November. An exact date and location for the community meeting have not been finalized.
  • On October 12th, I also sent an email to the U.S. EPA to insist upon better clarity on their website which I find to be vague, ambiguous, scary and sometimes contradictory.   They responded today (Saturday morning) and we are scheduling a phone call for this coming week. 
  • Here is a link to the most up-to-date next steps per the U.S. EPA:

The Village is leaving no stone unturned.  Everything that can be done is being done and the Village of Willowbrook has even formed their own Task Force of independent scientists from across the country to evaluate the U.S. EPA's past and future findings.  We are working with every available agency and organization and will keep you appraised of any movement and developments real-time. We at the Village and our families and loved ones, work and live here with you and will continue to do our best to assure the health and safety of our friends and neighbors.
Services Held for MARTY GLEASON (1931-2018):
There are some people that leave such an impression on you that you’ll always remember the first day you met them, and Marty Gleason was that kind of person! Quick to point out that he was a Notre Dame Grad and always eloquent and ready to tell a story to make his point, Marty was a regular at many Board Meetings which he would usually start with: “As you may know, I am the Democratic Committeeman for the same precinct that your Mayor is the Republican Committeeman”. 
MARTY GLEASON and his wife, Nancy Sweeney Gleason, have been longtime Burr Ridge Residents.  The Christian Burial Mass was conducted at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in Darien, but Marty was such a proud and loyal “Domer” that final Memorial Gathering was held at the University of Notre Dame Eck Visitors Center followed by a Committal Service at their Cedar Grove Cemetery.   I know that I, for one, will miss our spirited debates, his friendship and the times that I would just sit and listen to Marty’smany stories, which included attending John F. Kennedy’s inauguration.  Attached is also a picture of him attending my book signing event.  May he rest in peace. 
On a Lighter Note . . .
Here is a picture of the Mayor’s office just prior to the Monday night Board Meeting and this week I attended a meeting in Lombard as I got re-engaged with colleagues and longtime friends with NAIFA(National Association of Insurance and Financial Services).  It’s a part of my business that has slipped a bit in recent years due to time constraints. 

 God bless...have a great week,

 Mayor Mickey

Mayor Mickey Straub

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