FRIDAY WRAP for October 5th, 2018

Hello…and welcome to the Friday Wrap for October 5, 2018!  Here’s the wrap-up of Burr Ridge news, events and progress for the week.

Chamber of Commerce Lunch Held at Five Seasons:
The Willowbrook/Burr Ridge Chamber of Commerce held their monthly lunch this month Five Seasons Sports Club.  The entrance to their new lounge was flanked with exhibit tables and two local businesses, Bannerville USA and The Relationship Store, were who gave updates.  Instead of having a guest speaker, everyone was given an opportunity to network with other members.  
Burr Ridge Efforts and Sterigenics Updates:
As promised, the Village staff and I have been monitoring this situation closely and investing many hours weekly working with the Village of Willowbrook, the Illinois EPA, the USEPA, and other agencies.  Here is an update of some of our efforts this week: 

  • In a letter dated October 1, Mayor Straub and Mayors Trilla and Weaver of Willowbrook and Darien, sent a letter to Governor Rauner requesting that the State of Illinois either provide definitive documentation that Sterigenics does not pose a public health threat or that the State of Illinois take immediate action to shut down Sterigenics. (See Attached)
  • On October 2, the Illinois EPA issued a press release stating that they have referred an enforcement action to the Illinois Attorney General against Sterigenics. IEPA is requesting that the Attorney General enjoin Sterigenics from continuing operations that result in any emissions of ethylene oxide either until a complete review is completed by the USEPA or until the USEPA otherwise assures the community that resumed operations would not present an elevated heath risk.  As of late Friday afternoon today (10/5/18), the IEPA has not provided the  requested proof or justification requested by the Attorney General that any violation is occurring.  I am not positive, but I believe this request by the Illinois EPA was at the prompting of Governor Rauner. 
  • On October 3, the Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Association released a statement regarding the use and value of ethylene oxide and refuting the ATSDR's findings.
  • Today, October 5, I received a statement from the highest ranking EPA official that I met at the Region 5 office last week so that I/we can better understand Ethylene Oxide and the 2016 IRIS Assessment that prompted initial concerns.  Deputy Assistant Administrator, Clint Woods, provided some very technical descriptions (some more complex than the layman’s language that I requested) that is being assessed by village staff, which we will summarize next week. 
  • At its meeting of October 8, the Village of Burr Ridge Board of Trustees will consider a contract with GHD Services for ambient air testing in Burr Ridge. GHD is already under contract with the Village of Willowbrook. The Burr Ridge contract with GHD is a “plan B” to be implemented only if the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency fails to complete ambient air testing in Burr Ridge in a timely manner.

 This is a very important and complex issue and topic.  Additional updates will continue to be posted on our web site and is also available on the Village of Willowbrook website. 
In Other Village News . . .

  • At his request, I met with Bob Schillerstrom, Attorney for Ice Miller and Chairman for the Illinois Tollway Authority.  In addition to discussing village issues and bonds, we exchanged updates on the I-294 Expansion.  (Among other things, Bob is also the past Chairman of the Dupage County Board.) 
  • On Monday, the Regular Meeting of the Mayor and Board of Trustees will be held; the main topics to be discussed are Plan Commission Recommendations and the possibility of air testing noted above.    

Trustee Zach Mottl Has Key Role in Ceremony for Governor: 
Once again, Burr Ridge Trustee Zach Mottl is in statewide news with his being of the part of the ceremony to award Governor Bruce Rauner the “Champion of Manufacturing Award” on Manufacturing Day (Friday 10/5/18) at TMA (Technology and Manufacturing Association in Schaumburg, IL).   (Zach is also the TMA Government Relations Chairman.)  The award is in the form of the Liberty Cannon, crafted in the TMA Training Center in Schaumburg.  Cannons like this are the “capstone” project of TMA’s venerated 3 year Apprentice Training program. The program is an industry-developed and industry-lead skilled workforce training program.  Steve Rauschenberger, TMA President also pictured, recognized the Governor’s efforts to promote manufacturing and for tirelessly arguing for basic reforms to stimulate growth in Illinois’ economy and commonsense reforms that could help grow businesses, middle class jobs and help balance the State’s budget with natural revenue growth.
On a Personal Note . . .
It is always a pleasure to see my daughter’s sign hanging in her place downtown: Stay Positive!  (She has a great view of the sunset, too!) 
All the best,

 Mayor Mickey

Mayor Mickey Straub

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